Each student is tested on technique and dance history, then leveled accordingly for ballet, tap, modern, and jazz courses. We believe the history of each discipline is just as important as the execution of technique.


Beginner I & II

Students will be exposed to a fusion class that evolves around the 5 pillars of Modern Dance. This class will have a foundation rooted in the teachings of Lester Horton and Martha Graham, while also incorporating the rhythmic disciplines of Katherine Dunham.


Beginner I, II, & III

Intermediate I

Students will learn classical Vaganova Method ballet technique and terminology. Students will learn barre exercises, center floor and across the floor combinations. Focus will be placed on increasing strength, flexibility and control.


Beginner I, II, & III

Intermediate I

Students will learn to develop rhythm, coordination, speed and sound through the use of tap shoes. Students will learn a variety of tap styles including Broadway and Hoofing


Beginner I, II, & III

Intermediate I

Students will focus on developing body strength, flexibility, and coordination. Students will be exposed to various jazz styles such as Broadway, Contemporary, Fosse and Jazz Funk. Class curriculum is based on Ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movements.

Hip Hop

Beginner A - I & II

Students enrolled in this class will experience a high energy hip hop fusion course that incorporates the latest styles of street dance and explores dance styles across time. Classes will encourage students to bring out their own personality and style to movements while learning to pick up and modify choreography